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Doctors are saying that face shields may be a better way to protect yourself from coronavirus.
Face Shield - Protection for professionals. Protection for workers
This product has been


under EUA (Emergency Use Act) for use
by healthcare providers as PPE.


Founded in Guatemala City in 1948, Guateplast was the first plastics factory in Central America. In our 72 years, we’ve come far, providing a line of over 500 products across the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.
The creation of the Guateplast face shield started when the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala put out a call to the private sector, asking for help to mass produce and adapt their shield design. Together with the university’s team of medical experts and engineers, we created a product now used by Guatemalans on the frontlines of this pandemic.
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Why Experts Are Recommending Face Shields as the Better Answer

While face masks only offer partial protection and limited-use, face shields cover your whole
face, decreasing your chances of exposure to COVID-19. Our Face Shields are:
Guateplast Face Shield - Experts are recommending Face Shields as a better solution than face masks
Doctor Tested and Approved
Designed and validated in partnership with medical experts
Guateplast Face Shield - More practical and comfortable than a face mask
Easily assembled, light weight, and adjustable to fit multiple sizes
Face Shield - Reusable - PPE Personal protective equipment
Can be cleaned or disinfected with soap and water, peroxide, or bleach, allowing for multiple uses

How Our Face Shield Was Developed

The Guateplast Face Shield was created to provide more comprehensive protection to all who seek it. Together with the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Guateplast developed a practical product that minimizes the likelihood of infection by airborne pathogens.

Protects You in Multiple Environments

From first responders to restaurant workers, from policeman to store clerks, face shield provides protection across jobs and industries.
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Acetate Face Shield - Customer service

Do Well by Doing Good

Guateplast has donated over

15k Face Shields

across Guatemala to protect those keeping us safe from this pandemic.

Face Shield a better option than Face Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, several medical experts have expressed their trust in face shields. Here are just a few excerpts:

A research team at the University of Iowa’s department of internal medicine said “face shields may provide a better option” since “cloth masks provide [only] some filtration of virus-sized aerosol particles” 

Link to article:  Face Shields a more effective deterrent to COVID

Dr. James Cherry, UCLA specialist on pediatrics and infectious disease said to the LA Times: Face shields are more effective than masks in protecting the wearer from viral infection. He shares that wearers are less likely to touch their face when wearing a shield than when using a face mask — and also that respiratory infections can infect people through their eyes, not just their nose and mouth.

Link to article:  Face shields are more effective than masks in protecting the wearer from viral infection

Medical experts writing for the BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal, note that there is limited evidence about the efficacy of facemasks, particularly cloth ones. “The evidence is not sufficiently strong to support widespread use of facemasks as a protective measure against covid-19. However, there is enough evidence to support the use of facemasks for short periods of time by particularly vulnerable individuals when in transient higher risk situations".

Link to article:  Covid-19: What is the evidence for cloth masks?

Face shields vs Face Maks Comparation - infographic
Source:  Business Insider

What news are saying about Face Shields

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